Assessed ValueBC Assessment’s value for taxation based on property characteristics and classification
B-20 Stress TestA federally mandated requirement for lenders to ensure borrowers are protected from ‘rate shock’ by requiring borrowers to qualify for financing at a higher rate than the actual rate on the mortgage
DetachedSingle-family detached dwelling
Listing DiscountThe difference between original list price and final sale price, expressed as a percentage
Luxury >$1.5M‘Luxury’ properties, comprised of detached and attached dwellings trading over $1.5M
MOIMonths of Inventory; the amount of time (in months) it would take to exhaust the current number of available listings at the current pace of sales. Also known as absorption rate
PPSFPrice Per Square Foot
StrataAttached dwellings such as condominiums and townhouses
Y/YYear over year; comparing the current quarter to the same quarter last year unless otherwise noted.