The Q Report – Q2 2024

INTRODUCTION Welcome, valued readers, to our mid-year 2024 Q Report. Fergus is away enjoying a well-deserved holiday far out of mobile service, so you’ll have just half the usual dazzle …

The Q Report

The Q Report – Q1 2024

Every quarter since 2018, we bring you a comprehensive report on what actually happened during the entire quarter. This edition is partly characterized by changes we witnessed month-to-month within the first quarter. Read on to see how we measured the shift from winter to spring, where we see things heading in the coming seasons, and how we can help if you have a move to make this year.

The Q Report – Q4 2023

What Actually Happened in Victoria’s housing market during the last quarter of 2023? A lot. An unprecedented raft of housing-related legislation met a relatively indifferent market going through the fourth-quarter motions. What lies ahead for 2024 is the question on many minds. Read on for our thoughts — and we encourage you to share with anyone you know who has housing goals on their new years resolution list. 

The Q Report – Q3 2023

Although Y/Y metrics for Q3 showed only modest movement, it was the Q/Q shifts that may be providing clues to a cooler winter ahead…

The Q Report

The Q Report – Q2 2023

The big story this quarter was the bounce. But was it a temporary rally in a market poised to drop? Read this edition to find out where we think things are headed later in 2023.

The Q Report – Q4 2022

As we embark on 2023, the final 2022 metrics show us a market continuing to adjust to higher interest rates. Buyers are out there, qualified and ready, but correct pricing is critical in getting them off the fence. Read on as we show you What Actually Happened.

The Q Report

The Q Report – Q3 2022

Summer and early fall saw Victoria’s housing market continue to shift as interest rates continued to put puffed up prices out of reach for homebuyers. The effects and results were felt differently in different parts of the market, though. With such dynamic and challenging market conditions, it’s critical for those who need to make a move to have the right trusted advisors to help them navigate with confidence.

The Q Report – Q2 2022

Read our Q2 2022 report note to learn why the market dragged this spring, and why some of the price stats you’ve been seeing in the news aren’t really telling you the truth of what’s happening. We also unlock some specific opportunities for buyers and sellers looking to jump into the summer market.

The Q Report – Q1 2022

This edition breaks down what actually happened in the headline-grabbing real estate market in early 2022 with a full analysis of the quarterly market numbers, and a backgrounder on the national and international macro forces that are influencing homebuyers’ decision making at the local level.